Decolonizing New Mexico

Remembering, Reimagining and Recovering

Making the Case

This manuscript works to set the foundation for the work that is required to create transformation. Some of the questions before us are: how do we acknowledge the traumas of the past and yet still foster transformation in both present and future; how can we (re)imagine spaces, events and stories that are inclusive and that celebrate the complexity of its residents; how do take the harms and create possibility in healing?

At noted in the introduction, the goal of this particular document and website, Decolonizing New Mexico, is to make the case for why it is imperative to initiate this process. Toward this end, this writing has been developed to begin to document elements that constitute historic trauma in New Mexico and to explore the possibilities for transformation and healing.

Living history is learning from it. This is what it means to raise consciousness, part and parcel of the capacity of humanity. Toward this goal of accentuating the depth and breadth of what it means to be human, underlying this effort is the objective of supporting catalytic transformation grounded in a balanced commemoration and critical approach. This work is based on three key principles that have and continue to define my work, an approach that is centered upon designing and implementing experiences that:

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